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If you are looking for a classic or romantic wedding dress,

a lace wedding dress can definitely be your style.
Lace is a classic and ancient type of weaving that has evolved a lot in recent years.
From the royal courts in the 15th century, to their combination in soft and pleasant
classic wedding dresses.
We usually prefer to combine lace in certain parts and in small details in the
wedding dresses.
But it is not inconceivable that we would also like to achieve a "lacy" look. There are lots of lace fabrics, beaded lace, vintage lace, embroidered lace, French lace and more.

"I’m OBSESSED 😍 this dress is everything I could have ever imagined and more. Shany was so wonderful and nice, and made my dress to my exact specifications. I’m so excited to wear this on my wedding day!"

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