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Our story

My name is Shany Sasson, wedding dresses designer for bohemian weddings.
My passion in life is helping women to feel free and complete at their most important day.
I own a bohemian wedding dresses studio in Israel, therefor I dedicate most of my time
for the creation of beautiful dresses for free spirit & open minded brides.


Today, I’m happy to become part of the global family, and to have the honor of seeing my dresses
spreading around the world, finding the perfect women to wear them.


From the first day when Etsy launched the coveted badge - Etsy Star Seller - we win it every month!
We are proud to provide excellent customer service, fast shipping,
and amazing 5 star reviews from our beautiful brides!

We are here to answer any question you might have.

Please don't hesitate to write us.

With lace & love



Inspiration is created every moment.
Starting with the simple moments of life, drinking coffee in the neighborhood cafe, walking down the street and listening to the evolving rhythm of urban life.
And continues on various trips around the world, in amazing places with spectacular views!
Discovering special cities, hidden alleys, classic and modern art and special places that inspire me and stay with me for a long time to come.
Into all the visual aesthetics, I pour the knowledge and the enormous respect I have for the history of clothing in different periods of history.

T he Small Details

It excite me to open every day at the studio with touching fabrics, cutting the right figure, and create a soft, light and comfortable wedding dresses.

If you are looking for bohemian or romantic wedding dresses, flattered skirts, tulle veils and lace tops that will bring the best out of you, take a look at our shop and find the perfect fit for you!

All wedding dresses are handmade at our studio, therefore we can offer you a costume made items.
After years of experience we can commit to provide you a high quality wedding dresses! 

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